When it comes to your starter, many people know little to nothing about it. At City Garage Duncanville we’ve got what it takes to get your car starter back into working order. For all things related to your car starter, and/or battery, City Garage Duncanville can help!

When you start your vehicle, do you hear a clicking sound only and no start? This could be due to a faulty battery, and in this case, you’ll need to recharge it or get a replacement from City Garage Duncanville. If you start your car and you hear a loud sound of any sort, the culprit is probably the alternator. An Alternator repair isn’t as serious as starter repair, but if all of these options have been taken out of the realm of possibility, you probably need a new starter due to its inability to provide the charge to start your car.

Duncanville City Garage is able to provide a car starter that takes you that extra mile. Stop by your Duncanville City Garage auto repair location and let one of our Duncanville ASE Certified Technicians figure out what you need to get back on the road again. You can make an appointment today either online or by phone. All locations offer Free Wi-Fi so you can continue working, or you can drop off your car and one of our Duncanville mechanics will bring it to your home or office when service is complete. Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your next maintenance repair or other service.