Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement

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Clutches are normally found in anything that has two rotating shafts. For vehicle purposes, a clutch is a vital part of the mechanism as the power source (the engine) is constantly rotating and the car’s wheels are not. For a car to stop, without ruining the engine, the axle and tires cannot be connected directly to the engine. A clutch allows the moving engine to smoothly transition to a stationary transmission by regulating the flow of energy between the engine and wheels.

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Friction also plays an important factor in the process. Two pieces recognized as the flywheel and clutch plate are the reason a clutch works. Inside the clutch, the flywheel is placed on the engine and the clutch plate is attached to the transmission. Anytime you are not accelerating, springs are pushing a clutch plate towards the pressure plate. This movement then results in pressure against the flywheel. In turn the input shaft for the transmission unites to the engine, forcing them to revolve simultaneously.

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On the counter side, when you accelerate the release fork is depressed by a piston. The release fork then pushes a bearing (the throw-out bearing) towards the diaphragm’s center, rotating. Pressure on the spring which is part of the diaphragm eventually results in the spring tugging the pressure plate away from a part called the clutch disc. This sequence disengages the moving engine from the clutch.


After a while, the friction material begins to wear out. This gradually causes the clutch to begin slipping – if not corrected, the wear will become so bad that the clutch will stop working and your vehicle will be inoperable. Should this happen and you’re looking for clutch repair services or clutch replacement in the Duncanville area, we can help.

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Your local Duncanville City Garage mechanics are able to provide the maintenance required for your clutch. Stop by your Duncanville City Garage auto repair location and let a Duncanville ASE Certified Technician replace the necessary parts for your vehicle’s clutch. You can easily make an appointment online by creating an appointment at your convenience. All locations offer FREE Wi-Fi or you can drop it off and one of our Duncanville mechanics will bring it to your home or office when service is complete. Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your next maintenance or all other offered services and repairs.