Emissions testing is required every new year on all cars residing in Texas. The test is called Air Check Texas, and it will be different based on which county you reside in. Despite the differences by county, City Garage Duncanville remains at the top of its game, and all of our locations including ours offer emissions testing and repair.

If you don’t pass the test originally, you can make up the test by taking an emissions repair test after you’ve repaired the necessary components. If after that test, your vehicle still falls short of the standard, you can apply for a waiver that may exempt you from the process altogether.

If your vehicle is 24 years old or older, it is considered an antique and too old to pass the test. You are exempt from it. If you can reasonably prove that your vehicular usage is low, your emissions are low, or the cost of repairing your vehicle to meet the standard would be too high, then you can obtain a waiver for your emissions test.

City Garage Duncanville wants to help! We feature highly trained and experienced automotive repair specialists, each with ASE certifications and experience to back up their training. City Garage Duncanville can tell you whether or not you qualify for exemption, or what the price will be to repair your car to bring its emissions down to the correct level. We offer drop off services for your car, and we have free Wi-Fi to allow you to continue working. Give City Garage Duncanville a call!